Aviation Insurance

Aviation Insurance covers Physical damage insurance provided to cover loss or damage to the insured’s aircraft, while it is in motion, not in motion or for both. This type of cover will typically pay for repairs and reinstatement of the aircraft to the condition that it was in before the incident, subject to certain exclusions and policy conditions which may apply. If the aircraft is not repairable an agreed amount may be paid, known as the agreed value, which is usually agreed with the insured at inception and is noted in the policy


1. Hull insurance

Hull insurance typically covers all parts that would normally be affixed to the aircraft and the labor to repair the aircraft after incident. It may also include portable equipment (e.g., handheld radios and headsets) if stated in the policy.

2.Liability insurance

Provides indemnity for the aircraft owner/insured for their legal obligations for bodily injury and property damage, aircraft hull insurance provides financial reimbursement to the aircraft owner/insured for the “agreed” or “stated” value of the aircraft.

3.Personal accident insurance

The Policy covers persons travelling on board the insured aircraft as crew or passengers in accordance with what is specified in the Policy Schedule.

4.Several insured

If one or more policyholder(s) or additional insured(s) (herein referred to as “the insured”) have been included in the Policy, HDI’s total liability for all the insureds will not exceed the sum insured stated in the Policy Schedule.

Coverage Extension

  1. Aircraft Hull All Risks and Liability Insurance

Insurance That provides protection in the event of a loss on the plane’s frame, whether in the form of an aircraft, or if any from a third party, including costs required in connection with aircraft security. This policy also guarantees spare parts whether stored in warehouse or in transit.


  1. Aircraft Hull War and Allied Perils Insurance

Covers the risk of war and the like for loss or damage to the aircraft which is not covered in the hull policy


  1. Aircraft Hull and Spares Engine Deductible Insurance

This insurance is to re-insure (buy-back) deductibles or own risk which is applied to the Airframe Policy (Hull).


  1. Aviation War, Hi-Jacking and Other Perils Excess Liability Insurance

Ensuring third party legal liability claims for the risk of war


  1. Aviation Refuelling Legal Liability Insurance

Covers the risks arising from claims from third parties for losses incurred by the insured as a result of the operation of refueling the aircraft by the insured.


  1. Airport Owner and Operators Liability Insurance

Covers the risks arising from claims from third parties where the insured is legally responsible and obliged to pay compensation for both the result of an incident arising from around the location of the activity in the hangar belonging to the insured and the product produced by the insured.

  1. Aviation Manufacturers Hull, Spares All Risks, Aviation Liabilities

Guarantee the risk of legal liability for the products produced by the insured


  1. Crew Personal Accident and Loss of Licence

Covers bodily injury and death of the crew including ground engineers caused by accidents and compensates for losses arising from the cockpit crew not being able to carry out their duties properly.


This policy does not cover:
  1. When the Aircraft is used for illegal purposes or for any purpose other than those specified in Section 3 of th e schedule and as defined in the Definitions section.
  2. When the Aircraft is outside the geographical limits stated in Section 5 of the schedule except as a result of force majeure.
  3. When the Aircraft is being piloted by a person other than that specified in Section 4 of the schedule unless the Aircraft can be operated while grounded by a person competent for that purpose.
  4. When the Aircraft is being transported by means of conveyance except as a result of an Accident giving rise to a claim under Part I of ths Policy.
  5. When an Aircraft lands or takes off or tries to do so from a place that does not comply with the recommendations set forth by the Aircraft manufacturer except as a result of force majeure.
  6. For assumed liability or rights waived by the Insured under the agreement (other than passenger ticket/baggage check issued pursuant to Section III) unless such liability would have been attached to the Insured in the absence of such agreement.
  7. When the number of passengers carried on the Aircraft exceeds the maximum number of declared passengers stated in Section 2 (4) of the schedule.
  8. For claims paid by other policies except in excess of the amount payable under this policy or other policies, this policy has no effect.
  9. For claims excluded by the attached AVN 38B Nuclear risk exclusion clause.  
*)Other Exception details are listed in the Policy Wording.

Sum Insured

The amount of coverage depends on your policy. Having the bare minimum policy may not be good enough in the event of an accident. What the insurance company pays may not be enough to fully cover the repairs, leaving you with the balance. It’s important to calculate how much insurance you really need in the event of having to repair or replace your aircraft.

Minimum Data Requirement

  1. Details of Insured
  2. Routes of the aircraft
  3. Type and value of aircraft
  4. Experience of pilot and crew, and experience of airline
  5. Facilities at airfiled
  6. Loss History