Cash in Safe

Cash in safe insurance covers loss of money, cheques, bank notes, stamp duty, etc. due to burglary or theft while retained at insured’s premises (24 hours) including whilst kept in safes, petty cash box in premises or strong room. Provide Lump Sum benefits for loss of cash at own business premises due to theft that are visible, violent, and forcible.


Provide compensation for 2 things, namely:

  1. Loss, loss, damage to the insured Cash, Bank Notes, Currency Notes.
  2. Damage, loss of building or strong room/treasury (where the object of insurance is stored). against the risks of theft that are visible, violent, and forcible.

Object of insured

Cash, Currency Notes, Coins, Banknotes, Securities for Money, Postal Orders, Stamps duty, and Cheques, traveler cheque, bank draft, bond certificates, coupons of bonds certificates, gold (in bullion, coins and any forms) etc


  1. As a result of war, riots, riots, and other similar actions
  2. Due to fire or explosion
  3. Damage that occurs to objects / objects that are not included in the details of the coverage
  4. Nuclear, atomic, sonic bang reactions, etc.
  5. War, invasion, riot, riot, terrorism and the like
  6. Radioactive, nuclear and Sonic Bang
  7. Employee dishonesty
  8. Calculation error
  9. Depreciation of currency values
  10. Earthquake
  11. Outside the safe / cashier box mentioned

Sum Insured

The maximum value of the money that is stored on average by the insured in the safe, according to the data provided by the insured

Data minimum yang dibutuhkan

  1. Details of Insured
  2. The amount of money deposited Security system from the place where the money is stored. Shape, size, placement, brand, year, and system of opening/closing the safe.
  3. Construction / occupation of the safe storage area,
  4. The location and situation of the building’s surrounding risk,
  5. Site security system,
  6. The person in charge of the safe. Moral hazard and the credibility of the insured.
  7. Loss History

Claim Procedures

Upon the ‘happening of any event giving rise or likely to give rise to a claim under this Policy the Insured or his representatives shall:


  1. Give immediate notice to the police and the Company.
  2. Permit authorized representatives or agents of the Company to examine the premises and/ or records and shall furnish evidence to the Company to substantiate the claim made.
  3. Deliver to the Company a statement of the loss or damage sustained in the form required by the Company.
  4. Take all practical steps to recover the lost money.