PT Talisman Broker Insurance providing specialized insurance brokering service and personilzed solutions to each of our customer

PT Talisman Broker Insurance strives to provide the highest level of professional service to our clients, ensuring that they receive senior management attention and expertise, assisted by over 80 of our dedicated professional staffs

PT Talisman Broker Insurance will score the insurance that is the Talisman's partner with an assessment weight that refers to standard Talisman indicators such as competitive premi, flexible term and condition, and good claim service

  • Being risk consultation for Customer
  • Be a liaison between the client and the insurer
  • Easy of finding the best insurance for client
  • Provide extra services that benefit customer

Customers can directly contact the contact number listed on the web page

  1. Introducing customers or prospective customers to the risks that may occur in insurance and how to manage risk management. This is so that the insurance plan that will be chosen by the prospective customer can be in accordance with the customer's financial condition.
  2. Pay attention to and be responsible for matters related to effective marketing management