Property All Risk / Industrial All Risk

Property All Risk is a policy that covers all risks except those excluded in the policy


  • Compensation Due to Damage

    Providing compensation on the damage, loss, and destruction of property (material damage)

  • Compensation Due to Loss

    Providing compensation on the loss of profit due to business interruption caused by damage on property

  • Expansion Benefit

    Providing compensation on expensed cost with premium addition, for:
    a. Removal of debris cost
    b. Recharging/replacement of fire extinguisher cost
    c. Third party’s claim


  1. War, riot, riot, looting, revolution, takeover, terrorism
  2. Radiation, ionization, nuclear radioactive contamination
  3. Intentional/reckless of the insured or representing the insured
  4. Termination of work in part or in whole
  1. Property under construction
  2. Property is under repair, cleaning, renovation
  3. Property in transit by land, train, air or water (insured with a marine cargo insurance policy)
  4. Land, sea, air, water space vehicles, locomotives and the like
  5. Jewellery, precious stones, medallions, rare items/artwork
  6. Wood trees, animals, mountains, fish, plants
  7. Land, roads, railroads, dams, canals, cables, tunnels, bridges, pipes, ports, mines, offshore property
  8. Rental goods, credit and the like
  9. Directly/indirectly caused by:
  • Delay, loss of market, installation failure
  • Dishonesty, cheating, deception
  • Disappear, vanish, shrink for an unknown reason
  • Water tanks and fittings that burst, overflow, are released or leak when the place is not in use
  • Rust, wear, corrosion, mildew, fleas, wet, dry, insect larvae
  • Pollution, contamination
  • Regulations regarding the construction, repair or destruction of the insured building
  • Wrinkles, discoloration/taste/texture, weight loss
  • Changes in temperature, humidity, or malfunction of the cooling or heating system
  • Wind, rain, sleet, snow, flood or dust that damages moving objects in open areas, fences or yards
  • Maintenance/maintenance costs
  • Repair costs, design, faulty workmanship
And other exclusion specifically mention in the policy

Important Information

  1. Additional clauses
    In the policy there are several additional clauses (additional clauses) that contain definitions, additional guarantees and those that are not guaranteed. This clause will be given based on the company’s request and consideration of the risks it faces.
  1. Sum insured
    Sum insured on the policy is divided into several separate sessions, namely building, furniture, stock and machinery. The sum insured is not by less than the cost of recovery if the property is recovered which means the cost of replacing the insured object with a new object in the same condition
  1. Deductibles
    This policy does not cover the amount of deductible (at your own risk) stated in the Policy Schedule with respect to each and every loss as determined after the application of all other terms and conditions to the policy.
  1. Building occupations that can be insured
    Almost all types of building occupations can be insured with this product, including: shops, warehouses, supermarkets, malls, hotels, karaoke/night clubs, villas, schools, offices, and others.
  1. Construction of buildings
    There are 3 types of building construction in property insurance, namely:
    a. Class 1 construction.
    If the walls, floors and all structural supporting components and coverings or are made entirely and completely of non-combustible materials. Windows and/or doors and their frames, partition walls and floor coverings may be neglected.
    b. Class 2 construction.
    If the building has the same criteria as those mentioned in the class 1 (one) construction building, but with the following concessions:
    • The roof covering can be made of hardwood shingles
    • The walls may contain combustible materials up to a maximum of 20% of the wall area
    • Floors and supporting structures may be made of wood

    c. Class 3 construction.
    If the building criteria are outside construction class 1 and 2

Minimum Data Requirement

  1. Details of Insured
  2. Risk Location
  3. Insurance Period
  4. Interest and Sum Insured
  5. Details of building to be insured
  6. Information for Hazardous goods
  7. Type of fire protection devices installed
  8. Security system
  9. Loss History

Claim Procedures

1. In the event of an event that may give rise to a claim, the insured must:

  • Immediately notify the Insurer by telephone/email, regarding the nature and extent of the loss, destruction or damage
  • Take all steps within its control to minimize the level of loss, destruction or damage;
  • Safeguard the affected parts and make them available for inspection by representatives or surveyors of the Insurer;
  • Submit all information and legal documents requested by the insurer;
  • Immediately report to the competent police in the event of loss or damage due to theft or demolition or damage due to evil deeds

After notification is given to the insurer under these conditions, the insurer’s representative has the opportunity to inspect the loss, damage or damage before any repairs or alterations are made.

2. The insured is not entitled to give the property to the Insurer, whether taken over by the Insurer or not.

Supporting Document

  1. Claim letter
  2. Detail chronology of incident
  3. Photographs depicting the affected property in detail
  4. Police report (in respect of fire, burglary/theft)
  5. Weather report at the time of loss issued by BMKG (in respect of flood, water damage due to rain, windstorm and other act of God)
  6. Detail of claim supported with, but not limited to, quotation/invoice to repair/replace the affected property (building/contents/stock/machinery), to enable the Insurer in assessing the submitted claim.
  7. Other supporting documents required by the Insurer
Note: if the claim involving large amount claim, the Insurer reserve their right to do site inspection by appointing surveyor/loss adjuster