Moveable All Risk

Moveable All Risk Insurance is insurance that guarantees damage to movable property due to sudden, unpredictable, and any accidents during the coverage period as long as it is not excluded from the policy.


Covers any risk of loss or damage that occur to the movable properties caused by all fortuitous accidents.

Object of Insured

The types of movable goods/objects that can be insured are:

  1. Electronic goods that can move such as cellphones, smartphones, gadgets, laptops, notebooks, cameras, handycams, and other electronics
  2. Personally used items such as watches, bags or other items that can be moved


  1. War, civil war, revolution, rebellion, popular uprising, or riots, strikes and riots therein, terrorism
  2. Earthquake, volcanic eruption, or tsunami
  3. As a result of confiscation, prosecution, confiscation or destruction at the behest of the government or other government agencies, unless such action is taken as a necessary part of fire fighting or evacuation.
  4. Wear and tear of the insured property or rust, mildew, deterioration, discoloration or deterioration of the similar condition due to the nature of the insured property itself
  5. A result of the bad nature of the insured property itself
  6. Radioactive materials, explosives or other hazardous properties of nuclear fuel or other hazardous properties
  7. Intentional violation or negligence on the part of the insured, the applicant or the beneficiary
  8. Deliberate violation so that the insured gets compensation
  9. Loss or damage after processing or similar processing related to insurance objects

Unless it has been expressly agreed otherwise in This policy, the Insurer is not responsible for loss or damage as below this:

  1. Loss or damage as a result from misoperation or defects repair work, cleaning or similar work against the property that insured, except for the consequences fire (excluding heat) which it causes.
  2. Loss or damage as a result from electrical or mechanical damage of the Treasure that insured, unless it arises fire (excluding heat) thereof or unless the damage it is the result of an unforeseen event unexpected from outside.
  3. Loss or damage caused by fraud or embezzlement.
  4. Loss or damage caused by misplacing, misplacing or mysteriously lost over Insured property


Sum Insured

Value of insurance object

Insurance Periode

≤ 1 year (less or equal to one year) as agreed and stated in the policy summary

Minimum Data Requirement

  1. Type of property
  2. Value of property
  3. Detail insured
  4. Insurance experience

Claim Procedures

  1. To take all appropriate measures to minimize loss or damage.
  2. To notify the Insurer without delay of the date, time, place, condition and extent of the loss or damage along with the names and addresses of the witnesses present, and submit a report on such loss or damage to the Insurer.
  3. In the event that the insured property has been stolen, to report the incident to the competent police without delay.
  4. To deliver to the Insurer without delay any documents or evidence that the Insurer may require
  5. To cooperate with the Insurers in investigating such loss or damage.
  6. To provide all appropriate assistance or facilities required by the Insurer in investigating the books and records of the Insured in relation to the magnitude of the loss.


Claim Document

  1. Completed claim form
  2. Copies of invoices, purchase orders and sales contracts
  3. Copies of proof of delivery
  4. 12-month ledger history (in Excel if available)
  5. For insolvency: Court notices and, if available,
  6. Copy of the Proof of Claim filed with the court
  7. For protracted default: All correspondences that substantiates the steps taken to minimize the loss