Pollution - Environmental Impairment Liability

The environment is a complex and delicate mechanism. Repairing damage to it can be costly. The immediate environment around your property can act as a conduit though which pollution travels to impact neighbouring land or properties.
This could result in claims from third parties. If public land or waterways are affected you could face claims from local authorities or regulators.
Either way, environmental liability can protect you against claims for damage caused by your operations or land you own.
If you’re involved in buying or selling land, working with raw materials, storing/using fuel on site, producing waste, and/or undertaking groundworks – you should consider taking out EIL cover. EIL solutions cover you against costs arising from clean-up, bodily injury, or property damage

Typical Exposure

1. Sector contractor: building service, infrastructure, construction Exposure:
  • Mobilisation and exacerbation of historical pollution
  • New pollution conditions on third party premises
  • Asbestos or mould
  • Air emissions eg odour, fumes, dust
  • Impact on infrastructure, eg
  • Utilities or sewerage
2. Manufacturing : Food, Chemical, Engineering
Exposure :
  • Waste water discharges to surface waters
  • Inadequate raw material storage and delivery
  • Fire
  • Transportation of hazardous goods
  • Historical liabilities
3. Real Estate
  • Historical contamination/legacy
  • Issues taken on by contract
  • Tenants actions resulting in
  • Landlord being liable for clean-up costs (including waste crime)
  • Heating oil storage
  • Indoor air quality

Minimum Data Requirement

  1. Details of Company incl. subsidiary companies
  2. Occupancy/ Business
  3. Site history: description of past occupancies and land use
  4. Surrounding Environmental and Land Use
  5. Information for existing operational facilities
  6. Description of the Container/ drum storage areas
  7. Description of the above ground storage tank areas
  8. Description of the pollution control
  9. Loss History

Comparison between EIL, Property and Casualty Insurance