Health Insurance

Businesses today not only compete for customers but also for employees. Attracting, retaining and developing talent can be as challenging as building the business itself. Therefore it is important to be creative and generous with your benefit plans. Offering a comprehensive employee benefit plan, in addition to the basic salary package, can help you attract and retain high calibre individuals in your organization. Employee benefit plans include group medical (In-Patient and Out-Patient), group term life, personal accident, individual medical, individual life, and travel insurance.

Our Services

  • Group Medical
  • Group Term Life
  • Personal Accident
  • Individual Medical
  • Travel Insurance

Medical insurance provides coverage for expenses incurred during a time of need by the insured person for situations like hospitalization, surgery fees, doctor consultations, pescribed medications , related tests etc.

Health is wealth. There is nothing in our life that is more valuable than the good health of ourselves and the ones we love.

Group Term Life is a group life insurance program designed to meet your needs in providing coverage for employees. Accidents and diseases can occur at any time and to anyone; Nobody knows when an accident or an illness that can lead to death.

Benefits include:

  • Protection for employees against the risk of death in the form of Death Benefits in the amount of the Sum Insured
  • Insurance coverage paid in full and at the same time if the employee dies in the Insurance Period
  • Affordable Economy companies can choose the amount of the Sum Insured

Personal Accident Insurance Provides coverage in the case of harmful accidents. Coverage  generally includes the cost of treatment as well as monetary guarantee in the case of death or permanent disabilities.

One of the basis health insurance products that you can choose is individual or personal medical insurance. This insurance product is also often referred to as standalone insurance.
This insurance product provides protection and fulfillment of medical costs throughout the life of the polocy holder until they are 99 years old.

Exact coverage details and benefits of health insurance policies vary between companies, however coverage generally includes:

  • Fees for daily hospitalization in designated hospitals
  • Costs for hospitalization due to chronic and serious illness
  • Fees for treatment in a special room
  • Costs for surgery¬†
  • Fees for consultation and doctor's check
  • Fees for ambulance payments
  • The cost to purchase medicine from doctors in all pharmacies

Travel insurance protect for each of your trips where the possibility of risks that can occur (Delayed flight, flight cancellation, lost of luggage, or accident during the trip).

Travel insurance provides comfort and tranquility for you to travel to your destination.

Your premium depending on:

  • The type of cover selected
  • Any additional cover selected
  • The sum insured
  • Insurance requirements