Terminal Operator Liability

This insurance type provides coverage against liability for loss or damage to vessels, cargo and property of others while in the custody or control of the terminal, dock, wharf or pier operators. The term ‘terminal’ has a broad definition, which may include the material goods and activities surrounding wharves, piers, docks, stevedores, storage tanks and warehouses. Because of this, the cover is usually tailored to clients’ needs and frequently extended to include stevedores’ liability which provides insurance protection against claims arising out of cargo-handling operations.


  1. Legal Liability to Port and Third Party
  2. Contractual Liability Of The Port or terminal to Third Party

Which arising as a result of an accident in the operation of the Port or terminal including the obligation of the port or terminal to remove the wreck.

Physical Damage and / or Loss to:

  1. Property
  2. Handling Equipment / Equipment own by the Port or Terminal located at the area of the Port or Terminal


The policy does not cover any actual or alleged liability arising:

  1. To employees of the Insured
  2. Directly or indirectly under Workmen’s
  3. Compensation or Employers Liability Acts .
  4. For loss, damage and/or expense to any property or equipment owned, leased, hired, occupied or rented by the Insured;
  5. For loss, damage and/or expense caused by wear, tear or gradual deterioration;
  6. From the release of cargo without the original bill of lading, unless otherwise endorsed by Underwriters;
  7. Accident involving a vehicle, chassis, trailer, conveyance or the like on public roads and/or outside the confines of the Port or Terminal;
  8. In respect of any interest the Insured may have in any vessel, aircraft or helicopter.
  9. Directly or indirectly caused by or arising out of seepage, pollution or contamination.
  10. From the disposal, handling, processing, treatment, storage or dumping of any waste materials.
  11. Out of dredging operations, while such operations are being performed.
  12. For fines, penalties, punitive or exemplary damages.
  13. For failure or delay in performance of any contractual obligation or guarantee.
  14. Under any contract or agreement to compensate another party.
  15. Arising as a result of the safe working load of any equipment being intentionally overloaded.
  16. Arising out of goods or products, manufactured, processed, graded, blended, or sold by the Insured.
  17. Out of Radioactive Contamination.
  18. Out of war

Minimum Data Requirement

  1.  Detail of insured
  2. Business detail
  3. Background of the erminal Operators I.e Size,staff number, type of cargo handled, facilities available, cargo throughput
  4. Layout map of the ports or terminals.
  5. Survey Report, if any
  6. Standard trading condition / service agreement signed between Ports or Terminal Operators and their Customers
  7. Safety and security procedure
  8. Loss prevention program

Claim Procedure

As soon as you become aware of an Accident which may give rise to a claim under this Policy or receive a claim, you shall immediately take all reasonable steps to prevent any insured liability as insured hereunder. You shall not admit liability or assume any obligation without our prior and also providing the following information:

  1.  Name of vessel (if and when applicable)
  2.  Shipping route (if and when applicable)
  3.  Date of shipment or event
  4.  Identification number of AoT
  5.  Nature of damage/loss