Terrorism and Sabotage

Terrorism & Sabotage (TS) Insurance is an insurance that specifically covers losses from terrorism and sabotage risks


1. Material Damage
Covers damage to the insured property and/or interest which is directly caused by one or more of the following risks:

  • Terrorism
  • Sabotage
  • Treason
  • Prevention in relation to the risk of Terrorism, Sabotage and Terrorism

Covers loss or damage to the insured property and or interests which are directly caused by looting that occurs during the course of Terrorism and/or Sabotage

2.Business Interruption (Optional)
Cover loss of the insured’s profit due to business interruption caused by physical damage or loss by a risk covered in Section 1 (Material Damage)


1.Material Damage

The policy does not cover loss or damage to the property and or interest insured directly or indirectly caused by or as a result of:

  • Theft and or loss during and after an event that is not covered by the policy;
  • Willingness of the Insured, the Insured's representative or other party at the Insured's order;
  • The intention of another party with the knowledge of the Insured, unless it can be proven that this happened beyond the control of the Insured;
  • Wilful error or omission by the Insured or the Insured's representative;
  • All kinds of explosives except those used in Terrorism and or Sabotage;
  • Nuclear reactions include but are not limited to nuclear radiation, ionization, fusion, fission or radioactive contamination, regardless of whether it occurs inside or outside the building where the property and/or interests insured are stored.
  • Complete or partial cessation of work or delay or interruption or cessation of a process or activity;
  • Loss of rights permanently or temporarily due to confiscation, forced borrowing or surveillance by authorized officials, or being occupied illegally or against the law by someone
  • Business interruption or any kind of loss in any form or form of a consequential nature (unless specifically stated and with an additional premium)

The policy does not cover loss or damage to the property and or interest insured caused by the following risks and or costs, unless expressly covered by an extension of special coverage for: that:

  • Riots, strikes, impediments to work, evil deeds, riots, popular uprisings, takeovers of power, revolutions, rebellions, military forces, invasions, civil wars, wars and hostilities;
  • Cost of cleaning debris.

2. Excluded property or interest

Unless expressly stated as property and or interest insured in the Schedule of Insurance, the Policy does not guarantee:

  • Goods belonging to other parties that are kept and/or deposited on trust or on the basis of commissions;
  • Motorized vehicles, heavy equipment vehicles, locomotives, airplanes, ships and the like;
  • Precious metals, jewellery, gemstones or precious stones;
  • All kinds of scripts, plans, drawings or designs, patterns, models or castings and prints;
  • Securities, bonds, shares or all kinds of securities and documents, stamps, stamps and excise stamps, banknotes and coins, checks, business books and computer system records;
  • Computer software, magnetic cards, chips;
  • Foundations, underground structures, fences;
  • Wooden trees, plants, animals and or animals
  • Parks, soils (including topsoil, backfill, drainage or culverts), waterways, roads, runways, rail lines, dams, reservoirs, canals, oil drilling, wells, underground pipes, underground cables, tunnels, bridges, shipyards, berths, piers, underground mining property, offshore property.

This extension does not guarantee:
a. Any loss that occurs during the period of Own Risk or Deductible stated in the Schedule of Insurance that must be borne by the Insured;

b. Losses caused by disruption to business which are directly or indirectly caused by:

  • Any work on re-construction or operation imposed by public authorities;
  • Insufficient capital for the insured to recover or property that is lost, destroyed or damaged on time
  • The suspension, termination or permit permit or order and so on after the date when the goods are lost, destroyed or damaged again in operable condition and activities can be started again, such as lease or order and so on have not ended or postponed or postponed cancelled;
  • Loss of market or other consequential loss unless specifically covered by this policy

c. Increased losses caused by law enforcement of regulations or laws governing the use, repair or repair of any property insured under this policy

d. Any further loss followed by property damage which cannot be compensated in section 1.

Important Information

Definition of Coverage

  1. Terrorism is an act, including but not limited to the use of force or violence and or the threat of using force or violence, by a person or group of people, either acting alone or on behalf of or in connection with an organization or government, with political, religious, ideology or the like, including the intention to influence the government and or make the public or part of the public in fear.
  2. Sabotage is an act of destroying property or obstructing the smooth running of work or resulting in a decrease in the value of a job, which is carried out by a person or group of people, either acting alone or on behalf of or in connection with an organization or government in an effort to achieve political, religious, ideological goals. or the like, including the intention to influence the government and/or put the public or part of the public in fear
  3. Treason is the act of a person acting on behalf of or in connection with an organization or group of people with activities directed at the overthrow by force of a government that is de jure or de factor or influencing it with terrorism or sabotage or violence.

Minimum Data Requirement

  1. Risk Location
  2. Sum Insured/ Value
  3. Occupation/ Business
  4. Security Details
  5. Loss History

Claim Procedures

1. The Insured, at the time he or she is deemed to have known about the loss or damage to the property and or interest insured, must: Immediately notify the Insurer

  • within 7 (seven) calendar days after the above notification, provide a written statement of the loss or damage. The written statement must describe everything that was burned, destroyed, lost, damaged and saved as well as the causes of the loss or damage that occurred;
  • No later than 12 (twelve) months from the occurrence of loss and or damage, submit a claim for compensation to the Insurer regarding the amount of the loss that is understood

2. In the event of loss or damage, the Insured shall:

  • As far as possible to save the property and or interest insured and allow other parties to help save the price of the object and or interest;
  • Securing the insured property and or interest which is still valuable
  • Provide full assistance to the Insurer or other parties appointed by the Insurer to conduct research on the loss or damage that occurred.

Supporting Document

  1. Claim report form
  2. Photocopy of the police
  3. Minutes from the local Police Chief or Certificate from the Village Head or Kelurahan Head regarding the incident
  4. Report as detailed and complete as possible which according to his knowledge caused the loss or damage
  5. Information and other relevant evidence, which is reasonable and appropriate to be requested by the Insurer.